Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Family Christmas Letter

Welcome to the 2010 Dixon Family Christmas letter,

Proceed at your own risk. Entering this zone is much like traveling to the “place where the wild things are: and sometimes we (parents) wish that we, like Max, had a boat and could “sail away through night and day, and in and out of weeks...” but, truthfully, we do love our wild things and our crazy life.

Hmmm... to bring you up to speed on the past year... perhaps we will start by sharing some things we did NOT do:
  1. We did NOT burn the house down- Katie did, however, bake cookies 200 degrees hotter than intended and set off the smoke alarm a couple of times. She was trying to increase the time on the timer but, instead, mistakenly, increased the temperature.
  2. We did NOT go to the zoo this year; we had our own instead. In fact, we even added to the zoo this year. Emily Ann Dixon joined the team on Sept. 27 and is a sweet little thing but can yell with the best of them. Her nickname is “Mouse” because she squeaks. Past history of nicknames: each of the kids, as babies, received nicknames (Caleb = Moose / Dino Boy, Katie = Little Bear, Reuben = Rooster, Jordan = Silly Monkey, Molly = Tiger or Duckie.
  3. We did NOT get around to getting Reuben's Christmas (2009) kitten fixed so we had five kittens in the middle of August... and, after finding homes for three, we are now a zoo of six kids and four cats.
Things that we DID this year:
  1. Jordan DID get potty trained: HALLELUJAH! As a result, he got to add to his “CARS” collection. One of his best friends is Lightning McQueen and many of his car friends have often been found parked in bed with him.
  2. Reuben DID go to school this year. His favorite subject is recess. In spite of our misgivings about sending Reuben to school earlier than the other children (he didn't turn 5 until November), he has earned many “Bravos” and has traded them in for various prizes.
  3. Katie DID lose several teeth this year, mostly by tugging on them until they became loose and fell out (though she got started on the first by a kick in the mouth from Reuben). She actually pulled one out, interrupting a speaking session while she was away at a retreat with her Dad (who was the speaker). She has been very forgiving of the Tooth Fairy, who seems to always be a night behind the times.
  4. Caleb DID have his first paying job this year, collecting flyers for the neighbors while they were away in the summer. Consequently, he learned about tithing and added to his Lego collection. Perhaps, in the future, he will learn about saving.
  5. Molly DID learn about being a big sister - she's loving it and doing a great job. She moved to a big bed, and she is eager to go to the potty (full training to happen in the new year). She has also developed a sense of humor.
  6. Emily DID finally find her thumb. When we had the ultrasound about halfway through the pregnancy, she was very clearly sucking her thumb. Outside, was an entirely different matter, however, and she spent a lot of time sucking on Mommy's finger but has recently discovered that she has her own.
God has been good and has blessed us over this year. He is daily teaching us patience and humility; sometimes we are poor students but He has given us a great example in Jesus. We are looking forward to celebrating the hope He has given us in Jesus as we near Christmas; we have searched for ways to make it meaningful for our children so that we can give them more than what the world has defined as Christmas... we still have much to learn. We wish you a very Merry Christmas, filled with hope and joy.

The Lord bless you, and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine on you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

Sharalyn and Jon Dixon

And, in their own words:

Dear Family and Friends,
My year was good. This year, my report card said all A's. My teacher is Ms. Carr; student teacher, Ms. Nunn. This year, I went to camp. I had a top bunk. I had a Lego birthday. I got Lego books and board games. Farewell, friends.

To Family and Friends,
I had a birthday in June. My name is Katie and my nickname is Little Bear. I love my sisters. We have a big house and we go to 2 camps. My mom had 9 kids in her family and I have 6, and Daddy had 2. Our Christmas tree is 7 feet. At one of the camps, I was in a cabin. My dad is a pastor and I go to New Minas Elementary School.

Reuben: I went to school and met a lot of new friends. I went to Camp Peniel and Orchard Camp.

Jordan: I got Lightning McQueen cars and played with Brock and put up a tree.

Molly (as printed verbatim by Katie): At home. Meet friends. Camps. Played games. Got a Christmas tree. Make gingerbread houses.

Merry Christmas!